18 September 2010


Keith Bryce  along with five other designers will be a part of an upcoming fashion show called (AMF) Art Meets Fashion. IT'S GOING TO BE AWESOME !!!, Don't miss it, Get your tickets now.  

Art Meets Fashion 2010 will premiere exclusive spring lines with professional runway shows for local designers; Keith Bryce,McKell MaddoxJordan HalversenRachael Lorene Domingo, Rebekah McKinney and Krista Nielson. Also featuring unique designs by Michelle Boucher amidst a live fashion photo-shoot by Jake Garn, fashion art installations from SLCC Fashion Institute and an eclectic mix of performance art and entertainment. The evening will offer exquisite tasting stations from fine local restaurants and beverage purveyors. Ticket sales will benefit two local non-profit organizations; Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and Salt Lake Art Center.

Tickets are available online at www.arttix.org, at all ArtTix Ticket Office locations or by calling 355-ARTS.

Location:Salt Lake Art Center
Time:6:00PM Saturday, October 16th
Mini Documentaries were filmed and will show right before each designers collection is presented. Catch Keith in a live photo shoot. The photo below is a preview. Model:Jamie Lynn, Hair: Nick Hemsley, Make-up: Jaque Hansen , Wardrobe and Photographer: Keith Bryce.

New Lens………..

I got Keith a new lens for his B-day: The 85 mm 1.4 And I really wasn't sure about it but I we decided to give it a go and its actually not that bad. The colors come across really vibrant and depending on your focal really clear. Especially for it not being part of the L series……. They first place we went to, was this local park down the street. This really cute dog was swimming in this poo water that RANK. It was like the Bog of eternal stench! LOL Anyway he was having a blast. We decided to try the lens out in a few other places so our friend Barbi (HAPPY BIRTHDAY) came a long for some test shots!!!!!

So the way I was told was Keith and Barbi was shooting over at Pioneer Park and WE ALL KNOW THAT THE HOMELESS LOVE PIONEER PARK. Well one just happen get a glimpse of Barbi and  SHWOOOOOOOSH……. he was over so fast. These next pics are of Barbi and him.  Check out Barbi's OMG face lol. He asked if we would take a picture of him. And right before Keith took the pic he yelled out …. WAIT …….. then showed us how the pro models pose. If was so funny because he was so serious. LOLOLOL

Lets get together YA YA YA!!!!!

So we decided to have a fun night and get together and take some pics.  We kind of had an idea of what we were looking for but you know that always changes last second. It was a little last minute but we lucky got together the best crew for the job. Janae Mechling Johnson on hair who was assisted on a few of the pieces by Nick Hemsley. Jacque Hansen on make up and Keith Bryce taking the shots. ModelsMeili Mellinger, Lacy Rachelle Timmerman and Jamie Lynn.

12 August 2010

Anything better than an Albert Chloe bag and a skirt made out of white roses?

NOPE!!!! This was a cool shoot. We had a lot of ideas for this one but we ended up changing them half way through. Jaque Stone did all the makeup and it could not have gotten any better !!! Albert Chloe was a great help in letting us barrow a few of their hand painted python bags for the shoot. If you haven’t been in to Albert Chloe or seen their bags, definitely check them out!!!

Jaque Stone

Dani Braun

Olivia Akerley

Jamie Lynn

Brooke Mangum

Jamie Lynn

Brooke Mangum

Wardrobe: Keith Bryce
Photography: Keith Bryce

NEW YORK ......................

SOOOOOOOO I went to New York a couple a months ago for work and while I was there I met up with a girl that you might recognize. Lisa Jackson from Americas Next Top Model !!! :). We decided to do a quick shoot. Here’s just a few of them.

Lisa Jackson

Wardrobe: Keith Bryce
Photography: keith bryce

GINA !!!

A good friend of ours from Colorado came and wanted a few photos taken. She asked for a few different looks and after a little brain storming this is what we came up with. We had never done a B & W before so we thought that would be kind of cool!!!

Wardrobe: Keith Bryce
Photography: Keith Bryce